5 Serious Communication Mistakes that are Costing your Company Money and How to Remedy them in 48 Hours

+ Free toolkit to sell your projects to superiors, colleagues, and clients

In just 48 hours, you will correct the worst communication mistakes committed at work and be able to implement the method I teach my clients and students with which they have succeeded:

These are just examples of achievable results when you improve your communication in professional contexts. You can achieve them too.

In this free online training you will get:

[Ebook] 5 Serious Communication Mistakes that are costing your company money and are costing you too.

I will teach you the five most common mistakes in communication at work, the mistaken beliefs that cause them, the severe consequences they are having on your company and your career, and, most importantly, how to avoid them right now.
If you start correcting them immediately, you will improve your results immediately.

[Manual] 5 Multivitamin Supplements to Empower your Ideas and make them Powerful, Compelling, and Memorable.

In this manual, I will teach you five effective strategies, tested with my clients and in my communication, to make your ideas succeed and help you succeed with them.
And this is especially important because, in today's competitive world, all things being equal, whoever communicates best wins.

[Practical Toolkit] How to Sell your Projects to Superiors, Collaborators, and Clients.

In this practical kit, I will show you how to use some of the steps I teach in my training programs and my personalized mentoring sessions so that you can plan, prepare, and present your ideas successfully.
It is the same process followed by the people whose results I have shown you at the top of this page and in the testimonials below.

Some of my clients have achieved outstanding results by following my methodology.

"I have used the self-confidence I have developed in front of the camera, thanks to what I have learned from you, to respond with videos to people who ask me for information. Now, thanks to using online video, 90% of the people who contact me end up hiring the 1-on-1 service because of my approachability and what I transmit to them."
David García
Coach specialized in highly-sensitive people
"Sebastián gave me the structure of thought, tools, and tricks, and above all, the confidence I needed. Thanks to him, my focus changed. I stopped thinking that I was afraid and started to think about what I wanted to do, which was a fun, dynamic talk with which people could learn something meaningful. As a result of this presentation, I have been involved in numerous projects; for example, one of them, a very important company with a big name in my industry, has hired me to give premium training for at least four years. This means that I will be much more financially secure.
That's why I recommend that if you are in a similar situation, don't hesitate to count on Sebastián; he will help you and make it easy for you, and above all, he will change your life personally and professionally."
Rosa Albaladejo
Researcher and Managing Director, Clic
"Working with Sebastián has changed my life and perspective on communication and public presentations. Since his training, I have had the opportunity to do multiple talks and presentations, where I used the techniques that Sebastián taught me. And the truth is that I received highly positive feedback. It also helped me structure my presentations and all my public appearances."
Nabil Malouli
Vice President eCommerce, DHL

Taught by
Sebastián Lora

I aim to help professionals from all industry sectors and seniority to convey their message clearly and confidently, getting others to listen, pay attention, and take action while presenting in person or virtually.

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