Personalized Coaching Program

Imagine making that speech that is so important for your professional career confidently and fluently

Personalized Coaching Program

Imagine making that speech that is so important for your professional career confidently and fluently

Speaking in public is challenging

Throughout my professional career, I have had the opportunity to interact with and get to know very different profiles both inside and outside organizations. They range from executives and managers of prominent corporations to entrepreneurs in diverse sectors who have decided to leave their jobs and start their own businesses.

What is interesting about these people is that, even though they are all high-performance professionals and experts in their fields, they tend to share a common trait: feeling insecure when speaking in public, mainly when there is a lot at stake.

In fact, they are well aware that their nerves can play against them. They know that being lost for words, beating around the bush, or digressing can make the difference between getting or not getting that promotion, closing that deal, or seizing that big opportunity.

That is why, when they need to make an important presentation to clients, bosses, investors, or attendees at a big event, they look for the necessary tools and support to gain confidence, communicate effectively, and reach their goals.

If you want to

Find out more about my customized coaching program on communication skills

I have conceived this program to ensure your presentation is a resounding success. I will be there for you, working side by side from the start until the last applause.

During this process, you will discover how to

Customize your message to ensure your audience is interested in it until the end.

Prepare a clear and attractive speech that helps you achieve your goals.

Structure your arguments interestingly and persuasively.

Make your presentation naturally and charismatically, originating from your authentic personality.

Move on stage to connect with the audience.

Manage stage fright to portray confidence and credibility.

This mentoring process is not for you

As a professional with an executive or entrepreneurial profile, you have the experience and perspective needed to ensure your message adds value. I will guide you through the process to ensure your speech is memorable.

Iceberg Methodology

I base this coaching program on my iceberg methodology, which consists of four phases that will allow us to ensure your message shines and you shine along with it.

Phase 0


I will give you the keys to analyzing your audience during this first phase. We will also set clear objectives and articulate the core message that will underpin your speech and make it solid, attractive, and effective.

Phase 0


During this second phase, we will work on the structure of your presentation and choose the best content to articulate convincing arguments and increase your persuasive capability, thanks to storytelling. I will advise you on creating effective visual aids, and we will work on your fluency through recorded rehearsals and their corresponding assessment.

Phase 0


During this third phase, we will focus on handling anxiety to speak fluently, body language to portray confidence and warmth, and audience engagement to ensure they connect with you and receive your message openly.

Phase 0


During this last phase, we will use the recording of your speech to provide you with detailed feedback. I will point out your strengths so that you keep exploiting them and those areas that present room for improvement and the corresponding corrections. This way, you can replicate this method in the future and obtain better results by yourself.

This is what people say about my work

This is the process we will embark on together

You will have the exclusive support provided by my coaching program focused on your specific needs and revolving around examples adapted to your concrete situation.
I will send you a work program before each session so that you can approach the study and work material and resources beforehand.
We will develop your presentation together, optimizing your previous work while maintaining your objective and personality.
Before finishing the process, we will record the last version of your presentation on video so that I can comprehensively analyze your strengths and improvement opportunities.
After our sessions, you will have everything you need to do a great job on that presentation and all the others you will do in the future.

The process includes

The process includes

Virtual support sessions

Filming and feedback report of the rehearsals and your talk

Video tutorials on the concepts taught

Digital handbook with work templates

My book “How to get people to listen and make your ideas triumph” in eBook or audiobook format (in Spanish only)

Would you rather do it on your own?

If you are not looking for a customized support program and you’d rather prepare your speech on your own, you will be able to work online on these four phases without the customized support by signing up to my online training program:

It is time to make a presentation that will open the doors to new and better professional opportunities.

Contact me and tell me about your situation

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