About me

Life changes when you suddenly realize that you are now capable of doing something you could not do in the past.

About me

Life changes when you suddenly realize that you can do something that you could not do in the past.

Interpersonal communication is a skill we develop almost instinctively from an early age

We do so from the need to express what we feel and think.

This process is free, creative, and of great emotional connection during this first stage- until it stops being this way.

Because school comes, and with it, the moment to start presenting our ideas in the classroom. At this stage, a tactless comment from a classmate or the teacher will drive us to feel shame and the weight of social pressure, potentially leaving an imprint for life.

Then we face high school, superior education, and our first job. Along this process, we bear the baggage of our insecurities and do whatever we can to navigate social and professional interactions. Of course, there is much room for improvement, as we lack the tools to communicate effectively.

And since no one teaches us how to communicate intelligently, we do not develop the ability to influence others through words.

"Just because we can talk, we think we know how to communicate effectively."

And what happens when employees don't have the skills to communicate effectively?

The wedding speech that changed the course of my professional career

The more I spoke in public, the more I liked doing it.

Even though I work in the field of communication, I have a degree in engineering and an MBA with focus on aviation because as a teenager I dreamt of founding my own airline.

During that same time, I needed to develop my social and communicative skills to access better job opportunities and more fulfilling personal life. That is when I started taking courses in communication skills.

I can trace my crucial moment back to the day I decided to give a speech on my cousin André’s wedding in front of his 600 guests. Despite the nerves and the massive leap out of my comfort zone, I not only survived the experience but also enjoyed it enormously.

That speech sparked my curiosity and led me to find an oratory club, which provided me with a platform to grow, shine, and feel that I had finally found the right path and purpose in my life.

What I love the most about teaching these training courses

It is the very moment when people’s facial expression changes once they realize that they can do what they felt they could not do just moments before.

I slowly started teaching and understood how impactful it is to help people develop their communication skills, as it can open doors to new and better opportunities in life.

I have since experienced with awe a human process that happens in very few contexts. That is when, as a trainer, you open up and share your fears and vulnerabilities, allowing you to connect with your students’ fears and create the appropriate environment to let the magic happen.

And I know facing an audience, and opening up in front of it is challenging. Confronting our emotions during the most significant moments of our professional careers is hard. It requires learning to deal with oneself, focusing on what’s important, and breaking away from the insecurities and judgments we’ve accumulated for years. 

But life improves when we dare take that leap and realize that we can do it.

That is why I admit that even to this day, I feel moved when I witness this transformation in my students: this is the purpose that makes me get out of bed every morning feeling excited.

“All things being equal, people do business with the people they know, like, and trust”

My name is Sebastián Lora

I am a communication skills specialist, trainer, author, speaker, and content creator.

I hold a degree in Industrial Engineering and an Aviation MBA.

I have more than ten years of experience in the business world and have had both commercial and management roles.

I help companies get better results and more business opportunities by teaching professionals how to communicate their ideas more intelligently.

These are some of the achievements that make me proud.

Let’s talk if you need the people in your organization to acquire the following skills:

Public speaking and rhetoric to present projects or ideas effectively, either in-person or remotely.

Clear communication to have more productive meetings and push projects forward.

Assertive communication to give constructive feedback that motivates and develops people's potential.

Empathy, active listening, and connection to gain the trust of external and internal clients.

Persuasive communication to influence others and move them to action when selling products, services, and ideas.

Fun facts about me

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«IMPARABLE» (“Unstoppable”), the book.

In “Unstoppable” I provide a hands-on In “Unstoppable”, I provide a hands-on system that will allow you to design your professional growth path, enabling you to identify and make the most of the opportunities out there both in times of bonanza and, more specifically, in times of crisis.

More specifically, I will guide you so that you acquire the three fundamental pillars through real stories, specific advice, and hands-on exercises.

These are the three pillars:

  1. The value you add.

  2. Your social skills.

  3. Your persuasion capability.

«This is a handbook to be read repeatedly by all those leaders in organizations looking for a true transformation. It is accurate, clear, effective, hands-on, and detailed when providing all the necessary tools to become a truly Unstoppable leader!»

Sebastián Torres – Project Leader at SpaceX

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Jack Vincent – Sales coach, speaker, and organizer of TEDx events-

«Haz que te escuchen y triunfa con tus ideas» (“How to get people to listen and make your ideas triumph”), the book.

Inspire others with your ideas (to ensure they find them as interesting as you do). Become a more persuasive person (to connect better with people and gain their trust). Make sure your message triumphs over others (so that it remains in your audience’s memory for longer).

With a rating of 4,9/5 on Amazon, these are some of the reviews by readers (you can check them yourself on Amazon.es):

«This is a wonderful book for whoever wants to improve their communication or persuasion skills. It is entertaining and instructive but mostly hands-on because you feel like you can apply the advice it gives you. It is particularly recommendable for teachers, salespeople, directors, team coordinators, or anyone interested in communication.»

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