Corporate Training Courses

Better results and new business opportunities 24 hours after starting the course.

Corporate Training Courses

Better results and new business opportunities 24 hours after starting the course.

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Skill development is critical for business success

In an ever-changing context, employees must act effectively to reach their goals, develop successful projects, and find new business opportunities. To do so, they need to build those skills that will enable them to adapt to the market.

But, truth be told, many of the training courses that are taught in companies still focus on traditional ways of teaching, that is, through a mere explanation of concepts and a PowerPoint presentation, period.

Such a way of teaching doesn’t work- it is a waste of time and money because human beings don’t learn passively, especially when the process is a tedious formality during which the trainer reads what learners can see on a screen.


The key lies in living a learning experience

True transformation among participants and their results comes from a paradigm shift in how we teach them.

This requires a different work methodology based on an experiential training process capable of surprising, challenging, and opening participants’ minds to new ways of doing things. It also requires a safe environment where coming out of the comfort zone can only have one possible outcome: learning.


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Corporate Training Programs

These are our communication skills training programs designed to strengthen participants’ authenticity and improve their level of influence and the impact they make.

You choose the type of course that best suits your organization’s needs, whether on-site, 100% online, or hybrid.

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Communicating to Win

Through very entertaining and dynamic sessions, this program aims to improve professionals’ persuasion and influence capabilities by transforming how they present their ideas in three key areas: clarity, credibility, and connection. We will ask participants to prepare, deliver and improve a (either individual or group) presentation by applying the method learned during the process.


Salespeople, leaders, technical staff, and professionals who need to get buy-in from others to push forward their ideas and projects during meetings, presentations, or videoconferences.


It can be taught on-site (in corporate facilities) or in a hybrid format (in virtual sessions with additional online content and support provided on a WhatsApp group).

Master Trainer

By combining live sessions, online content, and homework, this program offers participants a step-by-step system to design, build, and deliver successful training programs, whether they are on-site or virtual. Participants will have to prepare a mini-training session and present it in the last session of the program.


Human resource professionals, in-house trainers, and other individuals whose knowledge needs to be spread out both inside and outside the organization.


Hybrid course: it combines live sessions (both on-site and virtual) with online content and groundwork.

Communication Mastery

This program aims to improve your task force’s communication skills by using a micro-learning system based on short video lessons designed according to the principles of rhetoric, marketing, NLP, and behavioral sciences. With exercises based on gaming and collaborative work, participants will develop their communicative skills in the following contexts: presentations, persuasion, training, digital media, networking, customer service, leadership, and onboarding.

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The whole company. We have conceived every itinerary to help different professional profiles within a corporate structure to reach their goals by meeting the communication skills needs required to perform their daily tasks.


100% online. All the content is installed in your organization’s e-learning platform so participants can learn at their own pace or in cohorts using their own devices. In addition, we can add webinars and customized hands-on sessions (either virtual or on-site) to complement the training process.

Charismatic Communication with Clients

This training program aims to provide professionals with hands-on tools to better connect with prospects, turn them into clients more efficiently, and retain them thanks to a more human relationship and communicative approach.

Both content and practical activities revolve around the three pillars of natural charisma which are Presence, to create a feeling of validation and being listened to, Confidence, to foster a sense of respect and credibility, and Warmth, to promote a feeling of comfort and trust.


Sales teams, customer service departments, or professionals who deal with clients and need to develop the skills that will allow them to increase their conversion and retention rates.


This hybrid program combines live sessions (either on-site or virtual) with online content and groundwork at home.

Storytelling to convince, inspire, and move people to action

This program aims to teach participants to use stories in everyday interactions (with their teams, clients, and managers), considering that data is the focal point of corporate decision-making processes. But data alone lacks meaning and requires context to impact those who receive it. Storytelling is the most potent communicative tool to provide information with context and convince people of its significance.


Salespeople, leaders, marketing teams, and professionals with high potential for growth within the organization, who need to convince their audiences and move them to action in meetings, presentations, and important interactions.


This program can be taught on-site (in the organization facilities) or in a hybrid format (through virtual sessions, complemented with online content and support on a WhatsApp group).

Networking Bootcamp

We teach this theoretical and hands-on program in parallel with a corporate event that participants must attend. The program aims to prepare participants to make the most of such an event and maximize their business opportunities. It has three phases: training and preparatory session before the event, support during the event, and follow-up analysis of participants’ performance after the event.


Sales teams, leaders, or professionals whose duties include finding new business opportunities.


This is an on-site program taught at the organization’s facilities, which continues with a coaching session during the event.

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